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E-mail Notification System

Attn: Coal Valley Residents

If you are a Coal Valley resident, you may receive notification via your e-mail of emergency conditions and natural or man-made disasters in your community. You can also receive the latest general information from the Coal Valley Police Department and the Village of Coal Valley. This is a new program that we are developing to better serve the citizens of Coal Valley.

We ask for your help in providing us with your e-mail information so that we can add you to our e-mail notification list. You can register for the E-mail Notification Program by mail, by phone, in person, or by e-mail.

  • By mail: Send your name and e-mail address to: Village of Coal Valley, Illinois, P.O. Box 121, Coal Valley, IL 61240;
  • By Phone: Call the Coal Valley Police Department at 799- 5416 to provide this information;
  • In Person: Stop by the Administrative Office which is located at: 900 - 1st Street in Coal Valley, IL 61240;
  • By E-mail: Send an e-mail to: Send E-Mail with a Subject line of Coal Valley E-mail Notification Program.
Once we receive your e-mail address, you will be added to our emergency notification list and will start to receive E-mails relating to emergency conditions or general information. Emergency information such as flood related information, closed roads, or areas that should be avoided for various reasons. Evacuation information will also be sent through this e-mail system. If there is a missing child or abducted child from Coal Valley, we will provide information pertinent to the missing child along with a phone number to call with any information you may have regarding the child's whereabouts. General information would include such items as: New or Updated Village Ordinances.