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Village of Coal Valley
900 1st Street
P.O. Box 105
Coal Valley, IL 61240

Welcome to Coal Valley!

The Village of Coal Valley is located in Henry and Rock Island Counties, Illinois. The Village is a residential community and is a suburb of the greater Quad Cities area. Find out the history of the village.

What's New

06/20/18 - Agenda Packet

06/12/2018 – 4th Avenue West (Garrison Road), will be closed on Thursday, June 14 for Coal Valley Township to do maintenance. The road will re-open on Friday, June 15. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

6/6/2018 - CVPD has been asked to advise residents to please respect PRIVATE PROPERTY of Dr. Jack Buzek which includes the pond and sledding hill along 1st Street in the 1500 Block.  We need to understand the liability of the property owner for the pond as it is clearly posted to stay away, especially in the winter time when people think the ice is safe.  Children are always going to be anxious to try the fishing and possibly take a “hidden swim” when they think nobody is around and parents are not always with them.  The winter time sledding is basically the same thing when the kids want to enjoy the snow and the outdoors when they are without their parents.  It is a beautiful area and we need to respect Dr. Jack’s property and refrain from trespassing. 

6/6/2018 - CVPD has received several traffic complaints regarding speed and stop sign issues, especially in the east side in the upper Jackson Addition.  We all know that a majority of the violators are residents and our constant reminders of the driving habits in this area concerns me for the safety of everyone, especially the kids and the walkers/runners who are out now with the warmer weather. 

5/30/2018 - RUFF..RUFF…RUFF!!!   Hey everyone, it’s getting nice and warm outside and with that comes more complaints of barking dogs throughout all times of the days and night.  Please remember that you have to monitor your dogs for barking while they are outside.  Thank you!!

04/10/2018 – Interested in adopting a park within the Village?  Check out the program and details on how you can participate on our Parks website page.

2/26/2018 - Annual Coal Valley Garage Sales and Clean Up Days - Please click the links CV Garage Sales or CV Clean Up Days for information regarding dates and times of these events.

1/18/2018 - Please take a moment to complete this survey. The information will be provided to interested grocery stores.

01/11/2018 – The Village of Coal Valley is actively pursuing a grocery store!  Many of you may have seen the Mayor’s interview on KWQC last night at 10 pm and then again over the noon hour today.  We want to keep the positive momentum going so please visit the Mayor’s or the villages Facebook page to show your support!  Remember, there is strength in numbers!

01/05/2018 - Mayor Bartels is looking at placing some historic signs in our downtown "Post Office" park square and would like your feedback. Here are three examples of the signs that we hope to install in the "Old Town" / "Village Green".

Which sign / name do you prefer? One interesting and important note is that the current subdivision name for this area is in fact "Old Town". We could also go with the option of not assigning a specific name to that area? Also "Old Downtown" was considered but we could not make it aesthetically appealing.

 In order to complete this project we need donations to pay for the signs.
We are hoping to purchase 10-12 signs. Cost to make each sign is around $100.

The signs show the current street name and the original street name below.
If you live in this area your current address will not change.

If you would like to make a donation to make this project a reality please donate at Village Hall or our campaign.